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Pediatric Speech Pathology

Kammie Green

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“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” -Paulo Coehlo

About me


My name is Kammie Green and I am currently a junior at Frisco High School. I am a coach at Eagle Gymnastics Academy and I love working with kids. I aspire to be inspiring and helpful to others in every way I can. I will be studying Pediatric Speech Pathology this year in the Independent Study Mentorship Program and I am excited to see what is out there for me to learn. I am also a member of National Charity League, Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society.

My mission this year in Independent Study is to develop the skills to be successful in a professional environment, expand the habit of balancing workload as well as constantly portray an open mind. I would like to learn many things about Speech Therapy from my mentor/research and specifically the effects therapy has on patients afterwards. I plan to spread the knowledge I gain about the benefits of Speech Therapy and the direct effects. This will then be beneficial to not only people who have interest in the same career, but also those who have been or will consider making use of Speech Therapy.



Independent Study Mentorship

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ISM is a course that many are lucky to have offered at their high schools. It is an amazing, yet challenging extra course students can add to their schedule. This course is designed for high achieving students, as it includes real world experiences and finding a mentor to guide the student along their journey. To be accepted students must complete an application process and an interview. When accepted, students select a career intriguing to them, find a mentor and develop endless research throughout the course.

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